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Encore Screenings Added

Monday, February 26 2018, 2:04 pm

The Film Center announced the encore screenings, adding a few extra chances to see popular films Friday through Sunday, March 2-4; I've added them to the schedule here.

I especially liked Her Love Boils Bathwater from Japan - it's one of my three favorite films from this festival! See it if you can.

I tweaked the Scheduling Assistant

Wednesday, February 14 2018, 8:36 pm

I had a couple reports of screenings of lower-priority movies getting scheduled when a conflicting higher-priority film was available. I’ve fixed the problem, so if you see this situation in your schedule and want to run the automatic process again, visit the Scheduling Assistant page and click the Schedule Films button again to rebuild your schedule. (If you don't see a problem, don't worry about it.)

The nitty gritty: I found that I was using the number of remaining screenings of the film as too strong a factor - it should really be a tie-breaker between equally-prioritized movies when possible, but it effectively turned a three-dot “I’d see this” into a four-dot “I want to see this”. We didn’t see this problem in previous years because this year there are fewer opportunities to see each film: only a couple have three screenings, where that used to be the norm.

That leads me to remind you: Your results will be better if you have roughly the same number of movies in each priority (except the bottom “I don’t want to see this” one), because if the Scheduling Assistant has to pick between two conflicting screenings of equally-prioritized films, one will be picked randomly over the other. This is another side effect of fewer films and fewer screenings.

Do let me know (via Feedback at the top of each page) if you see anything funny with your schedule - I do continue to work to make it better!

Welcome back!

Friday, February 2 2018, 7:30 pm

If you've used Festival Fanatic before, everything will feel familiar: almost nothing has changed on the site since last year.

If you're here for the first time, welcome! Hit the Get Started button and begin - it's a three-step process that will be explained along the way. There's a Help link at the top too, and if you have questions, concerns, or ideas that that doesn't cover, send me Feedback (again, link at the top) and I'll do my best to help. Introduce yourself if you see me at the movies - I like knowing who's using this thing!


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