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Encore screenings added

Tuesday, February 17 2015, 5:06 pm

The festival announced the encore screenings for next week, and I've added them here. (There'll be more to come; I'll update this note once I find out what they are!) UPDATE: I've added them!

First cancellations: A Second Chance

Monday, January 26 2015, 11:00 pm

Update: They've replaced the other "A Second Chance" screening with another screening of "Underdog"; I've added that here too.

Update: They've replaced one of the "A Second Chance" screenings with a second screening of the Oregon Shorts ("Short Cuts 2"); I've just added that to the schedule here.

I noticed a couple of cancellations on the festival site's schedule updates page: both screenings of "A Second Chance" from Denmark have been cancelled.

Whenever I make a schedule change that affects a screening you have scheduled, I'll send you an email to make sure you know; generally, I'll just remove the original screening from your schedule, so if there's a new screening time or place you'll need to add it yourself. (If you don't want these notifications, which I write by hand, drop me a note (Feedback link above) and I won't bug you about them.)

Moreland & Roseway travel times

Monday, January 26 2015, 9:45 pm

The Scheduling Assistant takes travel time into account when deciding which movies it's possible for you to see; this is driven by a spreadsheet that I made that records how long Google thinks it takes to drive from each venue to each other venue (plus 10 minutes for parking): it won't schedule you for two movies in a row unless it thinks you can get from the first to the second in time.

A couple of days ago, I filled in the spreadsheet's rows and columns for this year's new venues, the Moreland and Roseway theaters, and though they're not that far away, it's clear that this strategy only works if you're traveling between theaters by car. I did an experiment: I used the Scheduling Assistant as usual, noted how many movies it picked for me, then unchecked the boxes on the Scheduling Assistant page for those two theaters, and ran it again. The second time, which didn't schedule me for any screenings at those two theaters, only picked one movie fewer.

So, I'm probably just going to leave those two theaters off my list this year, but I'd like to find a better solution. I could change the spreadsheet to be much more pessimistic about travels to & from those outer theaters; or, I could build a second, more transit-friendly spreadsheet of travel times, and let you tell the Scheduling Assistant which one to use. Or, I could do something else entirely — something you've thought of, and will tell me using the Feedback link above; any ideas?

Yes, We're Open!

Saturday, January 24 2015, 8:00 pm

The Portland International Film Festival schedule arrived in the mail today, and after some frenzied data entry, you can get to work on planning your attendance! If you've forgotten how this works, have a look at the Help page — I just did, and realized I need to update a few things, but it'll get you going. If you have questions or suggestions or see any problems, please click the Feedback link up there and let me know. See you at the movies!


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