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Here's the PIFF 39 schedule!

Sunday, January 31 2016, 10:45 pm

Gina and I just finished entering the schedule data, and there are a few corrections needed that I’m expecting the festival folks to announce tomorrow… so until they’ve had a chance to announce them, and I’ve had a chance to make them here, don’t make any hard scheduling plans! (Also, there were several films whose runtimes on the festival site differed from what’s on the printed schedule - we used the longer times here.)

In case you’ve forgotten, the festival posts schedule changes on their site. My schedule page and the PDF schedule you can print from it both show the as-of time on it; I always update that as-of time when I apply corrections from the Festival site, and usually highlight changes in new announcements here, too.

Update, 2/2 4PM: no updates have appeared on the Festival site yet; I did just correct the theatre for the 2/20 screening of "Arabian Nights: Volume II, The Desolate One" &emdash it's at Cinema 21, not the Whitsell.

If you're new (welcome!), note that there's a Help link at the top of the page where you'll find some background info about the site, and a Feedback link that's ready and waiting to tell me your questions or suggestions. My picture's at the bottom of the help page; if you see me in line for a movie, introduce yourself!

Here's a few facts from last year: 53 people used this tool for PIFF 38, and scheduled 1,925 viewings with it - 1,528 of those viewings were picked "automatically" by the Scheduling Assistant. I think that's pretty cool. Please feel free to tell your friends, or folks you meet in line, about Festival Fanatic, and maybe we can beat those numbers this year!


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