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Encore screenings added

Saturday, February 25 2017, 11:21 am

Sorry it took me so long, but I've finally added the encore screenings on Sunday and Monday (the 26th & 27th). OBIT and TRUMAN were a couple of my favorites, and all of the SHORT CUTS 6: ANIMATED WORLDS shorts are really good; if you haven't seen them, you've got a last chance!

Thanks for a great festival - see you next year!

Changes, but no changes

Thursday, February 2 2017, 5:00 pm

The festival added a "Schedule Changes & Updates" link to the More Information sidebar on the festival home page; so far, it only lists three places where web & print versions of their schedule had conflicting information. As it happens, I'd already guessed the right answers, so the schedule here was already right; if there are other changes or cancellations for screenings you've scheduled, I'll post an announcement here, and I'll also send you an email about them.

Updated 2/3 6pm: For Silver Screen Club members who attend the press screenings: the rest were announced today, and I've entered them here. We were warned that they expect to change at least one next week, but didn't say which.

Page numbers

Monday, January 30 2017, 5:20 pm
The festival's paper schedule this year orders films in categories that aren't intuitive; I can never remember how many movies each director has made (are they a Master or a New Director?), and though they provide an index by country, I often don't remember the country either. So, a couple of reminders and a new feature:
  • When you see a page number on this site (like on the Your Film Priorities page, or in the details box you get when you click/tap on a screening on the Your Festival Schedule page), it's a link to the film on the Festival's site.
  • You can re-sort the Your Film Priorities film list by name, country, or page number, or by your own priority or rating
  • On the printed PDF, the film schedule is followed by an alphabetical index of films with screening times. The index entries have included the page number for years, but as of just now, the individual schedule listings do too -- thanks to Rod for suggesting this!

Welcome back!

Friday, January 27 2017, 2:30 pm
The site is almost exactly the same as last year; I've reworked the travel-time mechanism to be a bit more accurate. Please look over your schedule carefully to make sure I'm not sending to you to Valley Cinema 10 minutes after you get out of the Bagdad ... let me know if you see any particularly tight connections. (There's a new question-and-answer on the Help page about how travel time works, if you're curious.)
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